Insurance Agents

Agents who understand the value of PayGo love to work with SmartPay! We know the value of PayGo and support both the agent and the policyholder during the entire policy term from setup to audit.

 Here’s How SmartPay Helps You

  • PayGo access to more than 40+ Workers’ Comp carriers and programs
  • Internal customer support team available to agents and policyholders ensures a super user-friendly experience
  • Easy reporting for insureds with the largest, onboarded payroll network available
  • Agents control their accounts regardless of payroll company- policyholders can self-report their payrolls or SmartPay can report on their behalf
  • SmartPay empowers insurance agents to compete with payroll companies “acting” as insurance agents
  • Mitigates audit pain and surprises for both the agent and policyholders