Now more than ever, insurance carriers must offer PayGo. Their policyholders and agents expect PayGo. Having a PayGo solution is necessary in today’s competitive market. It just makes sense to offer this to your policyholders!

It’s not just about the technology! Building a PayGo solution in-house requires developing many moving pieces that need to combine for a seamless and efficient process which yields a great customer experience.

SmartPay Carrier features and benefits include:

  • Helps carriers with retain accounts and meet or exceed competitors’ offerings
  •  Reduces costs and expenses associated with billing and collection of premiums by 2-3%
  • Provides internal customer support and development teams
  • Provides multiple ways a policyholder’s payrolls can be reported  
  • Includes access to the largest, onboarded payroll network available and multiple options to self- report a a policyholder’s payroll
  • Creates transparency with payroll and classification issues during the policy period which reduces audit and bad debt issues
  • Features forgiveness during temporary, policyholder payroll shut downs plus a customizable email suite for policyholder communications, a branded user experience with single sign on capabilities and a full report suite availability